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New branded shop for music and fashion lovers, brings special discount!

Receive your special discount of 15% when you read this blog post!

EDM Journey to Freedom has become a trademark and has expanded into a branded shop full of my unique designs.

I have always had an interest in fashion, but somehow struggled to find items that were unique and original. I have always been drawn to bright or pastel colours and it always seemed to be the same colours everywhere I looked. Who says you have to wear dark colours in winter and only bright colours in the summer? Bringing bright colours into your wardrobe at anytime of the year should be welcomed. Isn't there enough darkness in the world already? Especially with the UK mainly being cold and wet for most of the year, even the summer here is dreary, so should we be wearing dark colours on all dark days?

I created my branded shop for like minded people who are also wanting something a little different than the normal plain designs that we find on every high street corner. I always used to dread the look of my wardrobe in winter when it was swapped over from my beautiful colourful summer wardrobe. That is now a thing of the past and I have gone against the set ways of the elite brands that program our minds like that, to wear what they tell us to and when.

I have thought about my clientele a lot when creating my designs, there is something for everyone with a mixed range of colours and designs. Music is a big part of my designs, the EDM logo is obvious, but people do not need to love EDM to buy my items. EDM Journey to Freedom stretches further than music. It is about where the music will take you and being free. It is also about getting yourself on a healing journey to freedom.

To claim your 15% discount, head over to the shop and enter this code at checkout: BLOGDISCOUNT15. Please check size guides, returns and delivery before ordering.

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