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My tips on how to stay fearless when living through a pandemic.

Updated: Oct 1

Do you want to live in fear?

I can imagine that this has been a very stressful time for many people. Has it been a stressful time for me? In a word no.

You may ask how could I not possibly be affected by this horrid disease that has shaken the world for the past 6 months?

The simple answer is, I do not give in to the 'fear'. When you take away fear, you take away stress, anxiety and everything else that comes with it, and you feel calm inside. You start to be rid of the awful feeling of dread and worry inside you, that keeps you awake at night. The racing thoughts that go over and over in your mind, about the absolute worst thing that could happen to you, disappear.

Ok, so now your wanting to know, 'how do I stop the 'fear'? Which is why I have done this blog post. Fear is not a feeling, it is a programmed emotion. What I mean by that is, when you are constantly surrounded by fear, you soak it up like a sponge. The more you listen and read stuff that is negative to what your subconscious brain believes to be true, you are constantly conflicting with yourself. This causes resistance within you and therefore causes a bad feeling, or symptom to arise.

There are conflicting beliefs about the pandemic, whether it is true or a lie. There are some very important questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Why are there so many other people not wearing masks, why am I?

2. How can that person be living their life happy, while I am shutting myself off from family and friends worried that I am either going to contract the disease myself and die, or that I may pass it onto another member of my family?

3. I watch the news daily, but some of it doesn't add up. Is there research I need to do of my own that is not from the news?

Ok, so this is where I would look first of all for finding out information for myself.

1. I would be looking here on the UK Government website that stated the virus was considered 'not' a high consequence infectious disease in March 2020 before lockdown began:


2. I would be listening to what doctors and nurses are saying about the disease, that are 'not' reporting on the news. Here is a group of American doctors, speaking of their experiences with the disease.


3. Look at youtube videos from people who report with facts and back up what they are saying. People that interview many different people like detectives, ex CIA, nurses etc. I suggest 'Charles Ward'.

His you tube channel link is below, start at the beginning of his journey of videos and work your way through.


Find bona fide people that speak fact and you can then make up your own mind from what 'you' have researched. Rather than having one agenda and narrative in your face 24/7 which is causing you to not live your life because you are constantly in fear.

My advice is this - You all have one life, one life to live. Don't let fear ruin what is left of yours. Do your own research, turn off the news for a bit and look elsewhere. Watch the fear drift away. Stand up for what is right, fight for your life. You own it!

If you need any further help with stress, you can find my online coaching here.

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