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Gary Stoner's new single 'Free My Soul' and the story that is hidden in the lyrics.

"Free my soul came about when I was going through a very dark and bad time in my life. I was severely ill, which happened gradually over several years without me even knowing.

I felt like complete shit all of the time, like I would never be free to live my life again the way I previously did. My pains were so bad, I didn't want to live anymore.

On days when I felt ok to, I went into the studio to make new music, which helped to take my mind off what I was going through and my pain. When I started writing my own lyrics for my tracks, that's when I put my feelings down on paper, how I was feeling emotionally and before I knew it free my soul was created and the lyrics written.

The lyrics explain what life was like for me for a very long time. The despair I went through on a daily basis just praying for someone somewhere to help me, to remove whatever was causing my pain.

I wouldn't want anyone to to go through what I went through. The doctors didn't help. I had no support. I relied on my wife and healing, without both I don't know where I would be right now, probably not here. Tip: always be open minded to look at other options, I was never into healing or energy but it actually saved my life.

Now I am 95% better and I have my life back, getting stronger each day and ready to make up for the time I have lost."

Gary's new single 'Free my Soul' is out now across all digital stores. You can listen to the full length version now on Spotify by clicking here.

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