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FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD from upcoming DJ Producer - 'Not The End Music'.

I had the pleasure of reviewing Not The End Music's new EP, which has 2 tracks on it 'Dubstep Makes Brain Go Brrr' and 'Dystopia'. Both feature great beats and a big arse bass! To me the style is a mix of hard bounce, techno and hardcore, definitely faster than your usual electronic music. All in all a real banger at a rave!

"My real name is Eshaan Dahiwadkar and I am from India. I have been producing music for about 4 years now. This is my My Debut EP.

The first song on my EP is called 'Dubstep Makes Brain Go Brrr'. which was actually inspired from a meme - Paper makes brain go brrr which talks about how LSD makes our brain trip. I wanted to make a song with a trippy intro and heavy bass drop.

The second track 'Dystopia' is inspired from a movie The Purge, where everyone is just killing every other person. I was feeling a bit evil that day, so I thought I'd make something evil. (Laughs) Honestly I was not so sure I wanted to release it but many people actually loved it, so that's why it became the second track on the EP.

How the name Not The End Music came about was the initials of my name are E&D which could also write as E 'N' D, so I came up with the name Not the End. It's also powerful, the stage name gives a sense of hope which is exactly what I would like to portray with my songs.

Where do I see myself going? Honestly it's just the start right now, I've got a long way to go, but I wish to headline all the big music festivals one day." 

WARNING contains explicit lyrics!

DOWNLOAD 'Dubstep Makes Brain Go Brrr' now for FREE here:

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