• Hayley Stoner

How to use EDM to instantly attract mental wellbeing by not focusing on EDM as famous DJs and bands.

Updated: Jan 27

The music sometimes gets lost because the focus is on the famous representing EDM. When really if the focus was more on the music itself, it would be more appreciated for what it does to your wellbeing.

So, what can EDM do for you?

  • Raise your vibration - take you to a higher state of happiness and contentment.

  • Very Energising - makes you want to dance, whether at an event or club, or even in your lounge or in the shopping isle!

  • Meet new people - friends having a good time and you will attract people who will be on the same vibration as you.

  • Go on holiday - imagine being in the sunshine at a pool party, enjoying yourself. The next thing - you have booked your flights and hotel! You are ready to go!

  • Sing - you will belt out the words with passion, whether you can sing or not you won't care!

  • Build memories - book weekenders, festivals, tickets to clubs, trips and events.

Most of all, it will take you on a journey to freedom where you can be yourself, own who you are, where you can live! Release the bad vibes with EDM. Make it your therapy!

The above picture is my husband and I on a month's holiday in Ibiza in June 2016. We decided to take a month out of our stressful work life to follow a dream my husband had of DJing there. In the picture, we are at Ocean Beach pool party, 'Ibiza sensations'. A place that is well known all over the globe for hosting the best pool parties!

There were famous DJ line ups there, but I didn't go for that. I went for the feeling and uplifted mood it provided me, which was well needed after a hard slog in the UK! The atmosphere of everyone having a good time and the music was enough to make me forget any stress in my life for that moment.

We met another couple there from Cardiff, they joined us in having a fantastic time who made our day there even more special and fun. We are still friends with this couple to this day!

It just goes to show that EDM music can create so much love, happiness, friendships, memories and can really change a person's life - instantly!

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