Hayley Stoner is fairly new to the music industry and is proud of the music she has created and the path that she has started to take in life. Producing music for Hayley is more than getting recognised and paid, it is about people hearing her music and the struggles life brings every single person in this world. Being able to use her music to express her feelings of what has happened in her life, not only helps her to release trapped thoughts and emotions, but she hopes that her music will also help those who are going through or have been through something similar and so also hopes that her music will resonate with others.


The past couple of years have been a crucial learning experience for Hayley. They have taught her that there will, unfortunately, be people who will try to bring others down and that there are problems that one has to fight through until victorious, but most of all it has taught her to never give up.


Hayley writes her own song lyrics and produces all sounds for her music. Hayley also creates all design, branding and promotional advertising for both hers and her husband’s tracks. She has this unique style of combining the genres of dance and trance to create a more chilled out trance vibe in the verses whilst hitting it hard with a big beat chorus, making Hayley's music perfect for any event within the electronic scene. 


There are no upcoming events or gigs at this present time. Please check back later.