Hayley Stoner is a music producer and artist of dance music, a blogger, online entrepreneur and she is also a songwriter and graphic designer. A jack of all trades, one might say!

Hayley got into producing music with her husband 2 years ago. She had a passion for dance music and wanted to explore it in more depth. Realising that this was what really made her 'tick', wanted to continue down this career path.


Formerly a senior graphic designer, Hayley decided to quit her high pressure and long hours career in 2019 and spent 6 months doing part time freelance design work, still for the same company, whilst building a brand and a background for her music. After releasing 4 tracks, Hayley decided she wanted to share with the world her passion for dance music and that is where 'EDM Journey to Freedom' began to come to life.

Hayley started this blog because she had a dream and followed it - no matter what the outcome. She wants this blog to show people that dance music isn't just about the famous DJs, artists and labels. It's about living your dreams, owning who you are, releasing suppressed emotions through the music and clearing out unwanted energy. Hayley's music is designed to help others heal through her music and lyrics, as it has helped Hayley overcome a lot of hard times and she hopes her struggles may resonate with others who have or are going through something similar. Letting the music take you on a journey to who you really are.

This blog will also provide FREE giveaways, EDM through the eras, music videos, interviews with new artists who have a story to tell, (if you have a story you would like to feature, which could be a story behind a new release for example please get in touch at edmjourneytofreedom.blog@gmail.com) and FREE music downloads.


This track was written by myself after a long battle that my husband had with an invisible illness. It tells of a love that is unbreakable, no matter what life throws at us.

My husband is now well and healthy. I managed to help him myself by connecting with his subconscious mind to find out what illness he had. He was dying from lack of vitamin B12 and an autoimmune disease.

I am really glad I did not listen to the doctors when they said there was nothing wrong with him, and I got him B12 injections when I did. There is more to my husband's story, but I just wanted to get the message out there that you can HEAL from anything.

Gary Stoner has a music academy, where he teaches DJ-ing for beginners. Gary is a professional music artist and DJ, who has over 20 years experience in DJ-ing. If you want to find out more please visit Gary's site here.



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