"Let the music take you on a journey to who you really are"

Hayley Stoner

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Hayley has always had a keen interest in art from a young age. She enjoyed drawing portraits and cartoon characters and painting still life pieces and has always been a lover of art.


When her art turned into graphic design, it opened a whole new world of creativity for her. Being able to turn a blank page into someone's branding or signage was a great feeling.


With over 10 years experience at a corporate level of graphic design, Hayley covered a wide range of design platforms, including design for print, branding, fashion and promotional and advertising material. She has now moved into the music industry area of design, where her true passion lies. 

Hayley's other creative art form is music, and she now produces and releases her own music independently, using her design skills to design both hers and her husband's track release covers and promotional advertising material. Being able to do both things Hayley loves is extremely satisfying. Hayley is available to take on any music industry branding or promotional material design work for artists and events.

Hayley has also launched her blog EDM Journey to Freedom which follows her passion of EDM music and how it can have a positive effect on your wellbeing. Feel free to take a look at Hayley's blog and sign up to her email mailing list.


Hayley's music is available to preview in the music section of this website. You can follow Hayley on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and across all digital music stores.

This is a podcast interview with Hayley, sharing her knowledge, experience and the story behind how her business came together.

Hayley also discusses her online course Crisis Healing, Heal Emotional Stress which has been put together by Hayley after battling through prolonged stress herself.

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